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村   Japanese Made  ♀  Woman-Owned  ✁  Cosmetologist-Operated  村

presley poe cutting hair with gold scissors
oval decorative gold picture frame

"Better than I could have dreamed of"

- Presley Poe

Presley Poe Signature 22k Gold Plated Shears

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22 Karat gold plated hair cutting scissors with a japanese kanji symbol meaning village

The heart of our vision was comfort and balance.

The shears have a streamline, yet luxurious and comfortable feel.

22 Karat gold plated hair cutting scissors with a japanese kanji symbol meaning village and ivy ann x presley poe logo engraving
22 Karat gold plated hair cutting scissors with a 55 degree angel with double arrows and a serial number and steel type engraving on the scissors
55 degree angle between open blades of scissors

Feeling like it's floating in your hand, the ergonomic handle allows for

smooth and seamless operation in any hand position.

The cut is razor sharp and smooth providing perfectly clean cuts,

yet the razor sharp edge simultaneously defies logic providing a soft, frothy finish.

Starting with an extra wide blade and a 55° base angle,

both were slightly reduced to provide Presley with a shear

for various styles and techniques without losing that

"soft serve feel."


Blade Steel Type: Cold Forged ATS-314 Stainless Steel

Blade Style: 2 -10.5mm Sasaba, both Hamaguri full convex.

Handle Steel Type: SUS410 Stainless Steel

Handle Style: Ergonomic 3D Style Handle

Coating: 1Micron 22 Karat Gold Plating

Length:  5.5"

22 Karat gold plated hair cutting scissors with an engraving showing the steel type ats-314 and a serial number with a marking identifying made in japan
gold decorative picture frame

on sale Now!

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  • 22K Gold Shears

  • Signed Protective Case

  • 3 Pack Gold Cutting Combs

  • Virtual Interactive Cutting Class

  • Ivy Ann x Presley Poe Educational  PDF



  • 22K Gold Shears

  • Signed Protective Case

  • 3 Pack Gold Cutting Combs

  • Ivy Ann x Presley Poe Educational  PDF


Every purchase includes one pair of Presley Poe 22K Gold Cutting Shears,

two adjustment finger rings, one fully synthetic shear oil brush, and a

100% organic apple leather edge maintaining & cleaning cloth

22 Karat gold plated hair cutting scissors with a japanese kanji symbol meaning village

Presley Poe Signature 22k Gold Plated Shears


Only 100 Available

Yes, the rumors are true, only 100 will be available!

We refuse cut corners, join us and find out why.

“They're legit, they feel great, even the client was interested because they're gold"
mikey denton male hairstylist

Mikey Denton


"I swear my ARC's have nothing on these, I cut my friends hair at her house and just left them there"
lindsey fleischer female hairstylist

Lindsay Fleischer


“I'm loving the versatility and the handles feel perfect which gives me the ultimate confidence.”
johnee livingston male hairstylist

Johnee Livingston


the essentials


black leather scissors case signed in gold by presley poe
Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 2.48.29 PM copy.webp

Keep your beautiful shears pristine with a protective case personally signed by Presley.

large and small gold aluminum cutting comb
gold aluminum sectioning comb

No stylist's kit with gold scissors would be complete without matching gold combs, am I right?

presley poe salon gold studios in portland oregon

We know travel is hard, so we've brought Presley's Gold Studios to you!

Learn some of Presley's most coveted techniques in an intimate, virtual interactive cutting class,

set inside her very own Gold Studios in Portland, Oregon.

laptop with educational pdf on screen

Lets be honest, do we actually remember most of what we're taught in a class?

Ivy Ann x Presley Poe has combined forces to bring you a go-to guide for all of your cutting needs!

charcuterie, fruit, drinks, a scissors case and scissors on a table top
decorative gold picture frame

Cap off your educational journey with an interactive Shears & Charcuterie class hosted by Ivy Ann Professional Shears.

Give the treat of education to your fellow stylists by hosting an informative shears class at your salon!

japanese scissor smith hammering a single blade of a pair of hair cutting scissors

Our single origin shears are crafted 100% in Sanjo, Japan.

Cold forged from the only highest quality ATS-314 stainless steel,

Ivy Ann Shears maintain the longest lasting razor sharp edge in the industry.

Haters will say, "real gold is 24K..."

miscellaneous hair tools on a tray scattered around 22 karat gold plated scissors

Listen, we're hairstylists, were rough on our shit.

22K is 350% MORE DURABLE than 24K.

So, 99.97% pure 22K gold it was.

These shears are built to last. 

22 Karat gold plated hair cutting scissors with a japanese kanji symbol meaning village on a black background with white writing saying Woman-owned discover luxury Cosmetologist operated
square gold picture frame

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Refund & Return Policy

We guarantee that our shears will satisfy even the pickiest stylist but if our product does not meet your satisfaction upon delivery, we want to help. 

Please contact our team via immediately upon receipt of your order and let us know what is going on. Our team will work with each customer on an individual basis to determine the best resolution for each situation. 

We also understand that things happen and if your product arrives damaged we will replace any defective products, or offer a full refund, upon return of the defective items. Upon approval, we will offer a full refund, minus S/H, for any situations our quality control team determines as a valid claim.

*All sales are final. All returns are subject to approval.

**Returns for any reason beyond manufacture defects or damages occurring during transit will incur a 50% restocking fee.

**Returns on pre-paid and special order items are subject to a 75% restocking fee due to high production and shipping costs, if return/refund is initiated within 7 days of initial purchase. Returns/refunds on pre-paid/special order items will not be accepted 7 days after initial purchase date.

***Deposits placed on pre-paid or special order items are 100% non-refundable.

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