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Ivy Ann Professional Shears The Perfect Pair set of 2 hair cutting scissors
  • The Perfect Pair™

    The name says it all. Ever feel like there are just too many choices and you feel lost trying to make the right decision? We took the guesswork out of it, so you don't have to.


    Feeling confident in your decision to upgrade your tools will have you feeling more confident behind the chair. Through extensive research, customer reviews, recommendations, and many many cuts behind the chair by yours truly, no stylist can go wrong with The Perfect Pair™.


    Whether you're a student new to the floor or a seasoned vet ready to upgrade your tools, this set of shears will have you cutting hair throughout your career with less downtime and less strain. Our most ergonomic handle, the 3D handle, is equipped on both the cutter and the thinner. The Ivy Ann Signature Offset paired with a matching 30% thinner will get you through any cut you envision, with ease.


    *Please note that all thinning shears have a standard 6-inch blade; the length choice is for the cutting shears. 

    • INFO

      Cutting Shears

      Blade Steel Type: Cold Forged ATS-314

      Blade Style: 2 Chokuba blades, both Hamaguri full convex.

      Handle Steel Type: SUS430 Stainless Steel

      Handle Style: Offset 3D Style

      Length:  5.5" &  6"

      Texturizing Shears

      Blade Steel Type: Cold Forged ATS-314

      Blade Style: Cutting blade is Sasaba & Thinning Blade has 30 Teeth/ 3 grooves per tooth.

      Handle Steel Type: SUS430 Stainless Steel.

      Handle Style: Offset 3D Style

      Length:  6"

      • Low-grade thinners and texturizers are normally cut by wire at a 90° angle. This method allows for the mass production of 200+ blades at one time. This mass-production style blade is actually damaging to the hair.
      • Our patented thinning shears are cut at a 70-degree angle, which allows only ONE blade to be cut at a time.
      • This production method allows for slice-cut thinning, a cutting technique unique to Ivy Ann Professional Shears. This cutting blade style allows the hair to escape the thinning teeth without snagging and damaging the hair
      • This is why our thinners and texturizers continually outperform major competitors' thinners. 
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