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Presley Poe 22 Karat Gold Plated hair cutting scissors
  • Presley Poe Signature 22K Shears

    The heart of our vision was comfort and balance so the Presley Poe 22K Shears have a streamline, yet luxurious and comfortable feel. The ergonomic handle allows for smooth and seamless operation in any hand position. Our aim was provide Presley with a shear for various styles and techniques without losing that "soft serve feel." The wide blade angle of around 50 degrees prevents the cuticle from getting caught when slice cutting and also allows the hair to escape for a more diffused look, or as we like to call it, frothy 😉 The cut is razor sharp and smooth, providing perfectly clean cuts, yet simultaneously defies logic providing a soft, frothy finish.


    Our single origin shears are crafted 100% in Sanjo, Japan and cold forged from the only highest quality ATS-314 stainless steel. Ivy Ann Professional Shears maintain the longest lasting razor sharp edge in the industry today.



      • Presley Poe 22K Gold Shears, VIP All Access to Presley Poe and Friends 2024, Presely Poe Meet and Greet Lunch, Signed Protective Case, Presley Poe Virtual Interactive Class, Ivy Ann Professional Shears Class, 3 Pack Gold Combs, Cutting Essentials Educational PDF


      • Presley Poe 22K Gold Shears, Signed Protective Case, Presley Poe Virtual Interactive Class, 3 Pack Gold Combs, Cutting Essentials Educational PDF


      • Presley Poe 22K Gold Shears, Signed Protective Case, 3 Pack Gold Combs


      • Presley Poe 22K Gold Shears
    • INFO

      Blade Steel Type: Cold Forged ATS-314 Stainless Steel

      Blade Coating: 99.97% Pure 22 Karat Gold

      Blade Style: 2 -10.5mm Sasaba, both Hamaguri full convex.

      Handle Steel Type: SUS410 Stainless Steel

      Handle Style: Ergonomic 3D Style Handle

      Coating: 1Micron 22 Karat Gold Plating

      Length: 5.5"

      Additional Specs:

      • Attached tang - for a comfortable finger rest without the potential for lost parts.
      • Tension System - Traditional Japanese split screw for maintaining proper tension without; paired with a convex dome screw head to prevent the catching, snagging and pulling of hair.
      • Warranty & Maintenance - Every pair of shears comes with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY covering all manufacture defects and your FIRST MAINTENANCE IS FREE!
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