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Ivy Ann Professional Shears Lefty 60% hair texturizing scissors
  • Lefty 60% Texturizer

    Where's my lefty's at? How ridiculously hard is it to find quality shears that are actually made for you? Don't invest in a right-handed shear that you can use backwards; just invest in a high-quality Ivy Ann Left Texturizer, created specifically for left-handed cutters. The perfect shears for slice-cut texturizing! These texturizing shears are a must-have for any professional stylist. The Lefty Texturizer removes approximately 60% of the hair when cutting at a 90° angle to the hair, such as in the scissor-over comb cutting technique. When used for dry-cut texturizing, the Lefty Texturizer can remove 10–60% of the hair, depending on the angle of the cut. Contrary to common belief, this texturizer is NOT reversible, and using it in such a manner will damage the client's hair. When the desired result is a beautifully finished bob cut, cut facing in and without damage to the client's hair, a counter-blade texturizer is recommended.

    • INFO

      Blade Steel Type: Cold Forged ATS-314

      Blade Style: 1 Sasaba K-blade & 1 Comb Blade with 10 Teeth/10 grooves per tooth. 

      Handle Steel Type: SUS440 Stainless Steel.

      Handle Style: Traditional Japanese Eyeglass Butterfly Handle.

      Sizes:  6"

      • Low-grade thinners and texturizers are normally cut by wire at a 90° angle. This method allows for the mass production of 200+ blades at one time. This mass-production style blade is actually damaging to the hair.
      • Our patented thinning shears are cut at a 70-degree angle, which allows only ONE blade to be cut at a time.
      • This production method allows for slice-cut thinning, a cutting technique unique to Ivy Ann Professional Shears. This cutting blade style allows the hair to escape the thinning teeth without snagging and damaging the hair.
      • This is why our thinners and texturizers continually outperform major competitors' thinners.
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