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村   Japanese Made  ♀  Woman-Owned  ✁  Cosmetologist-Operated  村

  • What is HSC?
    Ivy Ann Professional Shears is proud to announce that our direct manufacturer is an official founding member and participating company in the Japanese organization: Hairdressing Scissors Consortium, HSC. HSC is an organization aimed towards strict quality control and standards of scissor manufacturing. Supported by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry as part of a “Japan Brand Development Project" , the HSC will assure genuine Japanese products through proper management, authentication and certification. A scissor manufacturer must meet a rigorously maintained standard of quality to be a member of the HSC. In addition to this, a strict criteria and indication of origin, from the beginning stages to the end processes of manufacturing, must be met to be considered truly and authentically 'Made in Japan'. Quality is of the utmost importance at Ivy Ann Professional Shears, with the help of HSC, our manufacturer can continue to refine their understanding of what true quality is in a hairdressing scissor. "HSC will continue to work on standardizing quality of scissors based on science, so that users can purchase and use scissors without worry". - HSC
  • WHY choose Ivy Ann Professional Shears?
    Ivy Ann Professional Shears is a high-end brand of Japanese scissors, made in and imported from Sanjo, Japan. Sanjo, Japan is famous globally for its excellence in metallurgy and blacksmithing. All of our products are made with genuine ATS-314 steel that is cold-forged on site from high-grade materials. Crafting reliable and durable hair cutting scissors takes time and meticulous attention to detail. Like any artisanal craft, that kind of integrity comes at a premium price which is directly reflected in the quality and performance of our scissors. So why should you choose Ivy Ann? There are many reasons we may believe we are the premier scissors brand; it could be that we're woman-owned, or that were cosmetologist-operated, maybe it's the authentic Japanese crafted tools, or just the incredible customer service we provide, maybe you just enjoy being part of our community, whatever reason it may be, its completely your decision to make, we'll just help you get there in any way we can.
  • How often will Ivy Ann Shears need to be sharpened?
    There is no good answer to that question, every stylist and every situation is different. Sharpening and maintenance needs may vary depending on the type of hair you frequently work with (coarse, fine, etc.), the amount of cuts you do per day, the amount of days per week you work, as well as the quality of maintenance you give your shears on a daily basis. Ivy Ann Professional Shears are recommended to be sent in for maintenance every 1800-2500 cuts, this is a general standard to go off of, but every personal situation will be different.
  • WHAT are Ivy Ann Shears made of?
    All of our shears are cold forged in Yasugi ATS-314 Cobalt Alloy Steel for superior durability, razor-sharp edge retention and longevity. We will never trade in quality for profit margins, in turn, we will always only offer shears produced of the highest quality Japanese steel, crafted by the greatest artisans.
  • Do Ivy Ann Shears require maintenance?
    Yes, as with any high-quality product, proper care and maintenance is paramount to ensuring the longevity and performance of your shears. For perfectly balanced shears, correct use, tension, and maintenance is essential. 1) Only use Ivy Ann Shears for cutting hair to avoid dulling or damaging the blade. 2) After every haircut thoroughly clean your shears by removing any debris and carefully wiping the blades with a chamois. 3) At the end of each day, after cleaning, oil your shears with a small drop of quality shear oil (not clipper oil) on each blade around the balance face just above the pivot screw. 4) Open and close repeatedly to spread the oil. 5) Wipe up excess oil with a chamois. 6) When not in use, store your scissors in a proper case or stand to keep them dry to avoid damage.
  • WHERE are Ivy Ann Shears made?
    三 条 市 S A N J O C I T Y , J A P A N. A C I T Y O F A R T I S A N S All of our shears are carefully forged in Sanjo, Japan in the Niigata Prefecture. Sanjo is a small city in the center of the Niigata Prefecture and is known as a metalworks town. Many master blacksmiths live in the area and are known for their uncompromising quality and raw talents in the art of metallurgy and blacksmithing. With traditions of craftsmanship beginning in the 1620’s, Sanjo is easily recognized for producing excellent, handcrafted edged tools, and is considered one of the most famous metal working centers in the world.
  • Refund & Return Policy
    We guarantee that our shears will satisfy even the pickiest stylist but if our product does not meet your satisfaction upon delivery, we want to help. Please contact our team via immediately upon receipt of your order and let us know what is going on. Our team will work with each customer on an individual basis to determine the best resolution for each situation. We also understand that things happen and if your product arrives damaged we will replace any defective products, or offer a full refund, upon return of the defective items. Upon approval, we will offer a full refund, minus S/H, for any situations our quality control team determines as a valid claim. *All sales are final. All returns are subject to approval. **Returns for any reason beyond manufacture defects or damages occurring during transit will incur a 50% restocking fee. **Returns on pre-paid and special order items are subject to a 75% restocking fee due to high production and shipping costs, if return/refund is initiated within 7 days of initial purchase. Returns/refunds on pre-paid/special order items will not be accepted 7 days after initial purchase date.
  • How do I get my Ivy Ann Shears Sharpened?
    Lucky for you, you're in good hands, we don't sharpen shears. We M A I N T A I N shears. Starting with 10 items of diagnosis and performing a minimum of 12 processes of maintenance, our manufacturer takes great pride in the proper maintenance of their shears. Full maintenance that places an emphasis on scissor balance and sharpness, rather than simply sharpening, is at the core of our maintenance program. Because we take great pride in your shears, we ask that you DO NOT allow ANY individuals to sharpen your shears outside of our organization. We ask that you please contact Ivy Ann Professional Shears directly if you believe your shears need sharpening. One of our representatives will go over a short questionnaire to ensure it is the proper time for maintenance. Upon confirmation of the need to have your shears sent in for maintenance, our team will send you a prepaid label for shipment to our headquarters. ALL shears requiring maintenance must first be sent to Ivy Ann Professional Shears to verify and record serial numbers as well as required maintenance to be performed. This process is required for two reasons: firstly to ensure the shears you send out, are the shears you get back; and secondly, so that you are not wasting money on maintenance, if it is not required. We are proud to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on your Ivy Ann Professional Shears. We are able to offer this because our direct manufacturer extends this lifetime warranty, to us. They do this under the strict condition that ALL maintenance is performed by their craftsmen. We like to verify the need for sharpening to help you ensure the true lifetime of your shears. Shear edges can take roughly 5 sharpening's before there is no longer enough metal to ensure a quality edge, this is why we like to ensure it is time for your shears to be sharpened. Many times, simple adjustments such as the tension or a good cleaning and oiling could be the simple steps needed to get your shears feeling brand new. We believe that the sale is not the end, but just the beginning.
  • Do Ivy Ann Shears ship directly from Japan?
    Ivy Ann Professional Shears is the only authorized representative within the United States to offer ATS-314 shears direct from the factory. We import our product directly from Sanjo, Japan and operate our office out of Wilmington, N.C. Although your shears will not ship directly to you, your shears will be held with the utmost care while in our possession. For insurance and warranty purposes, we must test each and every pair of new shears to ensure you are receiving the highest quality. We also will record your shears individual serial numbers to ensure you the greatest piece of mind should anything to happen to your shears such as theft or fire or other naturally occurring phenomenon.
  • Is this REAL Damascus?
    All of our scissors are made with Japanese forged Damascus steel, a metal recognized by its beautiful flowing patterns and prized for its flexibility and tensile strength. All of our blades are made from cobalt steel, a high-performance alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion and wear. Each and every one of our scissors, not unlike a fingerprint, has a pattern that is truly unique to every piece. We refuse to compromise on quality and as such, all of our products are crafted with hand-forged Damascus to produce the watery pattern of light and dark waves all the way through the metals.
  • Why Damascus Steel?
    It truly is personal preference. Damascus shears have different qualities that may entice stylists to choose them over traditional forged shears. These shears have layered structures for improved dampening capacity, resulting in an original cutting feel and reduced cutting shock to the hands. Damascus steel shears provide a slightly softer edge for and improved razor sharp edge. And of course, as with The Miho...the etched layering feels sooooo luxurious. It is said that layered steel was first created in India and so highly prized across the Middle East, that the blacksmithing method of Damascus steel eventually took the name of the city of Damascus. Swords made from Damascus were brought back to Europe during the Christian Crusades and enjoyed considerable popularity as one of the mysteries of the Orient. Damascus steel can be categorized into two groups, European and Japanese. The layers in Japanese Damascus steel overlap to form a cloudy appearance as opposed to a machine-like pattern. The organic and mysterious pattern of our Japanese Damascus scissors reveals the Zen of Japanese beauty. Each scissor has its own "face" and the natural flow of the pattern running from the edge of the blade to the edge of the hand-grip becomes the motif of the Japanese legacy.
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